Our European priorities - what we Greens fight for

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Dear voters,

The time is now to tackle climate change. The time is now to protect democracy. The time is now to stand up against hatred and racism. The time is now to fight for social justice. The time is now for change in Europe to allow the fulfilment of the dreams of its citizens.

Our Green vision of Europe is that of a Europe that champions the greening of our economies, which will allow good new jobs to be created. That pursues social and generational justice and inclusive democracy. That protects its citizens and empowers them. That cherishes diversity and upholds the rule of law. That promotes international peace and the Sustainable Development Goals. We owe it to our children and we owe it to the world.

We want to renew the promise of Europe. We stand for the European project. We will work to push back against and isolate those who try to convert valid criticism of deficiencies and mistakes into an anti-European, extremist and xenophobic roll-back. We say no to a Europe of nationalisms. We consider the European unification process a great historical achievement. It benefits Europeans in multiple ways. But we will not rest on our laurels. Europe, our common home, is a dedication, a responsibility.

European unity must be developed further in every generation. In our time, it is becoming increasingly important to work together for our shared values and interests in the world. To deal with the big challenges we must agree on European sovereignty because our individual nations are not powerful enough. Let’s deal with the challenges and opportunities together as Europeans. Europe shall uphold multilateralism, human rights, sustainable development and peaceful conflict resolution.

To build a Europe that delivers to its citizens, democracy must be strengthened. The EU institutional framework must develop further into a full multi-level democracy in which all public decisions are taken in a transparent way by elected and politically accountable representatives. This framework must allow citizens to get involved actively to create the transformative power of changing Europe for the better. Therefore, lobbying needs to become transparent with binding rules. All this is why we stand with movements that promote solidarity, environmental and climate responsibility, rule of law, feminism, justice and freedom. These are core Green values that we pursue in the quest for popular democracy. The Economic and Monetary Union has to be reformed to ensure that progress is shared fairly and no one is left behind.

We call on all European citizens to make use of their right to vote. Rarely has a European election been as consequential as the next one will be. Whether Europe moves forward together or falls apart depends on the citizens’ choice, on your choice. Here are the 12 Green priorities for changing Europe:

Dear voters,

the upcoming election will be decisive for Europe’s future. We want to overcome the status quo and to open a new book for our common European endeavour. The world around us does not stand still and we, in Europe, cannot afford to waste time. Let’s be European changemakers! Let us combine radical analysis with visionary goals and a pragmatic approach.

European Greens pledge to fight for the priorities that we present to you here. We invite all European citizens to support us in these battles. Electing more Green European Parliament Members from more countries will help us to take these steps forward. In order to realise these priorities, we will seek to form progressive alliances and majorities in the next European Parliament. Greens promise to support a leading candidate from the European election as president of the next European Commission who is willing to share these pursuits.

Let’s build a better Europe.

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