We want to fight climate change

We want to fight climate change

Climate change means:

New weather patterns for a long time.

When climate changes too much, many places on the world will be not suitable for living at all.

We have to avoid that.

We must use electricity more efficiently. Electricity must be clean.

Renewable energy is clean energy

coming from nature, not from smoking chimneys.

Example: Energy from wind parks and the sun.

Our climate changes very fast.

Thunderstorms destroy many parts of our earth. Other parts of the earth have no rain.

People and animals cannot live without water.

We must stop climate change. This is possible!

Ban electricity from coal and atomic energy

Coal is poisoning the air. Coal is harmful to our health.

Electricity from atomic energy is very dangerous.

So we want to ban electricity from coal and atomic energy.

Governments should give no money for such power stations.

We want to close down all coal-fired power-stations by 2030.

Renewable energy

We get renewable energy from nature. Example:

Renewable sources of energy are the sun and wind. Nature provides sun and wind again and again.

We can produce electricity from sunshine and wind. We can use renewable energy for cars, too.

Greens want to use renewable energy only.

New jobs

We want to use more renewable energy. Research must find better ways all the time.


New companies produce material for wind parks and sun roofs.

So we get new jobs.

So renewable energy benefits companies, too.

We must use new solutions for clean air

Carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.

Example: It comes from burning coal. CO2 is short for carbon dioxide.

Industry and cars discharge a lot of CO2 into the air.

We want to change this.

But we need new technology first.

Companies and politics need time for change. Example:

A lot of people work in coal mines and coal-fired power stations.

First of all, they need new jobs.

Then we can close down the coal mines and power stations.

How can we keep our air clean more quickly? We can plant many more trees.

Trees store CO2.

Trees can produce new substances with CO2. So trees can use CO2.

So CO2 does not get into the air. We call it zero net emissions.

This means: In the end, nothing is left of CO2.

Minimum price for CO2

Industry and coal-fired power stations discharge CO2 into the air.

We call it emission.

Companies must pay for CO2 emission.

We say: Companies must buy emissions rights.

Every company must at least pay a certain sum of money.

This sum is called CO2 minimum price.

Does a company discharge more CO2?

Then this company must buy more emission rights.

Buying and selling emission rights is called emission trade.

Greens demand:

The European Union must make good rules for emission trade.

There should be a strong CO2 minimum price.

The CO2 minimum price should be the same all over Europe.

We want to meet the rules of the Climate Protection Treaty

A treaty is a contract between countries.

Almost all countries worldwide have signed an agreement in Paris:

The Paris Climate Protection Treaty.

Many countries in Europe have signed it, too. The treaty sets goals for climate protection.

We must achieve these goals if we want to save the earth.

By 2030 Europe must meet the first goal. We must work hard.

So this is important:

• We must all take part in nature protection.

• We must close down coal-fired and atomic power stations.

• We must use renewable energy only.

• We must plant many trees and grasses.

• We need the CO2 minimum price all over Europe.