We must defend human rights and democracy.

We want to defend human rights and democracy

Democracy belongs to Europe. This should stay that way.

Citizens must get all important information.

Everyone should be able to take part in political decisions.

Democracy belongs to Europe

Democracy means freedom and having a say in decisions.

Democratic laws are the rules of our community. We must be watchful:

There are enough people worldwide against democracy.

These people want authoritarian governments.

Authoritarian means strict.

An authoritarian government takes power and control.

Citizens can decide less and less.

Citizens have few rights.

We do not want authoritarian governments in Europe.

We must defend democracy!

The European Union must protect democracy

So this is important:

• May anyone have his own opinion?

• Has the government of a country got a different opinion?

Then we must listen.

We must talk to each other.

The government must be willing to listen, too.

• All governments must follow the laws.

Nobody may change laws himself.

• Each government must respect human rights.

• Newspapers must be able to report freely.

Governments must not tell newspapers what to report.

Do all these things fail?

Then the European Union must act quickly.

An authoritarian government must feel penalties.

A penalty may be: Stop trading with them.

We call it: Impose sanctions.

We must protect democracy.

And we must protect people.

So we need good rules in the European Union: Open politics in the European Union Citizens want to understand politics.

So everyone must be well informed.

European politics must offer better information.

The European Union is a place for a lot of people

People are different.

All people have rights and values.

The European Union must protect all people. Example:

• People from foreign countries

• People with different religions

• People with different sexual needs

• People with disabilities

• People with different opinions

Protection of free speech

People have different opinions.

This is important for a democratic community.

Everyone may give his opinion.


Newspapers must be able to report freely.

We must protect free speech.

Some people have important information for the public.

We call these people: informants.

Informants must be allowed to tell what they know.

Some lobby groups want to stop them. Examples:

• Authoritarian governments

• Lobby groups in the business world.

The European Union must protect informants.

Everyone must follow the European Union laws.

The European Union pays out money for certain purposes.


Money for nature-friendly farming.

Everyone must use European Union money for these purposes correctly.

The government must pass on this money.

People who get it must meet the conditions.


Farmers must really follow the rules of nature-friendly farming.

The governments must check this.

Does a government not follow European Union rules?

Does a government keep the money for other purposes?

Then we must take away their right to check this.

And the European Union must check the way the money has been used itself.