We want the same rights for women and men

We want the same rights for women and men

There must not be any violence against women.

Birth control must be possible for all.

Abortion must be a fundamental right.

Greens have always demanded:

Equal rights for women and men are important.

Choose ways of family planning yourself

Every woman should be free

to make decisions about her body.

Every woman should make a decision about her pregnancy herself.

Does a woman want to protect herself against pregnancy?

This should be allowed all over Europe.

This must always be possible.

Women must get means to protect themselves against pregnancy free of charge.

Right to abortion

Abortion should be a human right in Europe

26 countries have signed a human rights treaty.

We call this treaty: Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

The Charter contains important human rights.

All people in the European Union must have these rights.

Greens demand:

The Charter must contain the right to abortion.

Fight violence against women

Sadly, there is still violence against women in Europe.

All this can be violence against women:

• Domestic violence by a trusted person

• Sexual violence

• Injure female sexual organs because of religion

• Mental violence

• Rejection by other people

Violence against women must be punished.

46 countries in Europe have signed a treaty:

We call the treaty: Istanbul Convention.

The 46 countries have promised: Women and men should have equal rights.

This should be in all laws.

Violence against women is punished everywhere.

Does a woman face violence?

Then she has a right to be helped.

Greens demand:

All countries in the European Union must follow the Istanbul Convention.

The European Union must insist on this.

Equal pay for equal work

Everyone must get equally good pay for equally good work.

This is the same for women and men.

Greens demand:

The same number of women and men must share power.

So big companies must set such rules.

In European Union politics the same number of women and men should have important jobs.

There are many different people in Europe. This is a good thing.

Everyone should be able to live freely in Europe.

All people should have human rights in Europe.

Some people come from foreign countries.

People have different religions.

People have different sexual orientations.

Some people have disabilities.

No human being must be treated badly.

There must not be any form of hate and hostility.

Politics must defend our free Europe.