We want a minimum income and good jobs everywhere in Europe

We want a minimum income and good jobs everywhere in Europe

Minimum income means:

To have at least enough money to live decently. With minimum income we can fight poverty.

We want to strengthen workers’ rights.

Europe must be a good community.

Living conditions in each European country are different.

But people in Europe must stick together.

So the European Union must support all people in Europe.

We want social justice everywhere in Europe:

• People should have similar living conditions everywhere.

• All people must be able to live decently on their income.

• Employers should pay equally good wages for equally good work throughout the European Union.

• Employees should have rights everywhere.

• Employees should have a say in decisions.

• We want shorter working hours for employees.

• Sick people should be paid fairly.

• Parents must have a right to parental leave.

The countries in Europe have different laws.

Some countries are cheaper for companies.

We call these countries low-income countries.

Some countries have lower taxes.

The incomes are lower.

Businesses pay lower social security money.


Employers need not pay for health insurance.

Employees have fewer rights.

Some companies are taking advantage of this.

These companies work in low-income countries.

Companies get rich there.

Employees are not doing so well.

We call such behaviour of companies social dumping.

Greens want to fight social dumping.

Social dumping is bad for many countries, too.

Some companies register in low-income countries.

Because they have to pay lower taxes there.

But they sell their products in rich countries.

So they earn more money.

And the rich countries don’t get the taxes.

Taxes are important for the community.


Countries use taxes to pay for

• new roads

• schools and kindergartens

• money to help people in need

Rules for companies must be the same everywhere.

Employees need social rights everywhere.

Greens demand minimum income in all European Union countries

Employees must be able to make a living from their incomes.

Not all employers want to pay fair incomes.

So there is a law in some countries: Employers must at least pay a certain income.

We call it the minimum income.

A minimum income must be enough to make a living.


Food prices change.

So politicians must set new minimum incomes from time to time.

There is no law on minimum incomes in all countries.

Some companies take advantage of this.

Greens want a minimum income all over Europe.

Costs of living are different everywhere.

So minimum income must meet the costs.

The European Parliament must decide the rules.

Minimum income must be just everywhere.

Greens demand a basic income

Some people cannot make a living from their own work.

They don’t even get a minimum income.

Perhaps these people are old or sick. And they have got a low pension.

Many children are living in poverty.

These people must have a minimum income.

The government must give this money to help these people.

Each country in Europe must set rules for a minimum income.