We need healthy food

We need healthy food

European politicians must care for this.

We must ban poisonous substances in farming.

Greens are for animal protection.

The European Union should promote healthy food only

The European Union supports a lot of companies with money.

Among them are

• Companies in the food industry

Example: meat factories

Or manufacturers of frozen pizza

• Farms Greens demand:

All companies must follow nature rules.

They must not use harmful substances.

They must keep soil and water clean.

Industry must not leave harmful waste in our nature.

Farmers may only use natural substances in the soil.

Does a company follow the rules?

Only then the company may get money from the European Union.

Ban poisonous substances in farming

Many farmers use pesticides in their fields.

Pesticides are poisonous.

They kill insects living on the plants.

So farmers want to boost their harvests.

Insects are important for nature.

Example: Birds feed on insects.

Bees are killed by pesticides, too.

And pesticides get into our air.

So we must ban pesticides quickly.

Support nature-friendly companies

Industry can produce large amounts of food.

So companies can earn a lot of money quickly.

And the companies get bigger and bigger.

But a lot of foods contain harmful substances.

Animals get drugs.

So animals grow more quickly.

A lot of animals are treated badly.

We strongly dislike this.

Fruits and vegetables contain chemical substances.

So farmers can have an early harvest.

Frozen food is expected to last longer.

So industry adds chemical substances to our food.

So big companies can work fast.

So they get bigger and bigger.

But our food is often worse.

There are harmful substances in most foods.

Only a few big companies protect nature.

Good food is grown without harmful substances.

But it needs more time to grow.

More insects and flowers can live.

Water can remain clean.

Nature in rural areas is not destroyed.

So we must promote good food.

Only good food may get money support.

Our responsibility for poorer countries

Companies in Europe produce a lot of foods fast.

In Europe we have more than enough food.

So companies sell it to poorer countries.

People in poorer countries get our leftovers cheaply.

This is bad:

Companies in poorer countries want to sell food themselves.

We must not interfere!