We want a fair business world and we want to protect nature

We want a fair business world and we want to protect nature

We can achieve both goals.

This is why we must boost modern knowledge.

All people must have the same good opportunities in our business world.

We want a new European policy.

We want a good business world in Europe.

We want social security for people in Europe.

We can be leading in a nature-friendly world-wide business and life.

How can we achieve all these goals?

The protection of our nature is important.

For this we must spend money.

Business interests must not damage nature.

In spite of this companies can be successful.

We need a modern business world

Businesses need modern technology.

With good ideas we can make companies stronger. Good achievements lead to success.

Companies must act in an nature-friendly and climate-friendly way.

We can use many things more than once. Let’s just do it.

Example: We demolish older houses.

Then we can use many building materials again.

We can build new wooden houses.

In nature, new trees and wood will grow all the time.

Another example:

We throw a lot of plastic in the garbage.

But some plastic parts can be used again.

Other plastic products we just don’t need.

Example: Plastic bags.

People and shops give up the use of plastic bags.

Companies can produce textile bags.

We must spend money on research

Human beings can invent useful things.

Then we can develop new technologies.

New technologies must be friendly to environment and climate.

Example: We must build more electric cars.

We must spend money on digital technology.

Computer and the internet are important today.

This field of technology is called digital technology.

Digital technology is developing fast.

Digital technology can make a lot of work much easier.


Computers can be helpful in medical operations.

We must promote digital technology, too.

Big digital companies have a lot of power in the business world.

This is harmful to small businesses.

Greens want to change this.

Greens want to set up a new agency in the European Union.

This agency will make sure that digital activities follow the rules.

All employees must have good working conditions.

New technology creates new jobs.

We want an inclusive job market.

We want equally good pay for equally good work.

Everyone must be able to make a living from his work.

Everyone should have a chance to find a job.

We want to talk to each other.

Greens want to talk to employees and employers.

Employees should have their say in all decisions.

We need a Green financial policy.

Many people want to save money. Example:

We save for old age.

How can we save our money well?

There are enough ways to save money in a nature-friendly way.

Greens want more information about saving money this way for all people.

All savers should know how to do this.

European politics must ensure that we get good information.

Do companies act in a nature-friendly way?

Then they should get money from the European Union.

Do companies act in a way that is good for people?

Then politics should support them.