We must do more for a clean nature

We must do more for a clean nature

We must have better protection for air and water.

We must stop plastic waste.

We must care for a healthy lifestyle.

We must protect our nature much better.

A dirty nature has made millions of people ill.

Our air is bad.

We are breathing poisonous substances.

Our drinking water is dirty.


Cars discharge poisonous carbon dioxide.

Plastic is poisoning air and water, too.


Very small plastic parts are

• In liquid soap

• In many wrappings

• In plastic waste

Plastic waste is often not cleared for many years.

We want to protect our health.

Then we must do more for a clean environment.

We must act quickly.

We must avoid plastic.

We can use some plastic parts / some sorts of plastic again.

We call it recycling plastic.

We must recycle more plastic.

Maybe we cannot recycle plastic?

Then we must ban plastic.

Or the government must tax plastic.

The European Union must set common rules.

Protecting the environment is important for all!

A dirty environment is harmful to our food

We eat animals and plants.

Animals take in harmful substances from the nature.


Cows eat grass.

Grass contains poisonous substances from the air.

We eat the meat of these cows.

We cook with cow milk.

Then the poisonous substances are in our food.

So food can make ill.

We must eat better food.

There a many harmful substances in our food.

These substances can make us ill.

Some examples:

• Industry wants our food to last longer.

• So they put chemicals in our food.

• Food should look good.

So we find chemical colourings in our food.

• There is a lot of salt and sugar in some foods. This is bad.

• Many foods contain very small plastic parts, too.

• These plastic parts may come from wrappings.

• Human beings and animals take medicine.

Example: Not all drugs are helpful for animals to grow in a healthy way.

We eat the meat of these animals.

The drugs may be in the meat.

A lot of people don’t know much about harmful foods.

People must get better information.

European Union politics must care about this.

Are people well informed?

Then they can all avoid harmful foods.

We want more nature reserves

Plants and animals are parts of our nature.

Many plants and animals need each other to live.


• Bees need flowers to live.

• Bees drink juice from flower blossoms.

• Flowers need bees.

• Bees cast seeds for new flowers.

A life community of plants and animals is called eco-system.

In an eco-system the one needs the other.

Eco-systems are important for our climate.

Example: Flowers and trees store carbon dioxide.

Nature gives us pleasure, too.


more and more plants and animals are dying.

So we must protect the eco-systems.

This is the reason for nature reserves.

In nature reserves humans must obey rules.

Nobody may harm nature here.

Damage to nature will be punished.

Our nature is in danger.

Example: There are fewer and fewer birds.

So Greens want to protect more parts of nature.

There must be many more nature reserves in Europe.

The oceans are eco-systems, too.

More and more fish are dying.

We must also protect the oceans much better.

Businesses and industry must protect nature

The European Union must set the rules.

Is a company harmful to nature?

Then the European Union must not help them by giving money.


Companies must avoid harmful waste.