We must help refugees

We must help refugees

We must make fair decisions about the future of refugees.

Every human being has a right to good treatment.

Many refugees come from dangerous places.

We need better rules in Europe for refugees

All people must be able to live in security

In the history of Europe there have been a lot of wars.

So people had to leave their home countries.

During the Second World War people had to flee Germany and other countries.

Many others have come from Eastern Europe.

We must always remember this.

Europe’s past tells us:

It is our duty to offer new security to refugees.

We must think and act as fellow humans.

Human beings must stick together.

Refugees are in distress.

Refugees must have a right to protection.

We call this: Asylum.

We must have rules for asylum

The right to asylum is important.

But we must have good rules for the right to asylum.

All countries in the European Union must do this together.

Each country must take part.

All of them are responsible for help.

People flee for different reasons

Many of them flee because of a war.

Many of them flee because there is no food.

Many of them have been in distress at sea.

We must offer security to these people.

The European Union must agree on common rules.

All European Union countries must take responsibility.

Responsibility must be shared fairly.

People also flee for economic reasons: People have no jobs.

They earn little money only.

These people want a better life.

Some people are coming for a short time only.

They save some money here.

They then return to their home country with this money.

We call this: Labour mobility.

The European Union must set up rules for labour mobility.

Then all European Union countries must follow these rules.

Rules are important!

But the right to asylum must remain.

We must never punish asylum seekers.

A lot of people are helpful.


Helpers save refugees in the Mediterranean.

We must never punish these helpers.

The European Union must give money support for asylum policies

All European Union countries must accept refugees.

Towns and villages must integrate refugees.

This means: Accept refugees in their communities.

Refugees need rooms and flats to live in.

Many of them will have to learn our languages.

Refugees must learn about our rules.

Children must go to school.

And a lot of other things, too.

For all these things money is needed.

So towns and villages need help from the government.

The European Union should give some money, too.