We want to fight for just taxes

We want to fight for fair taxes

Up to today big companies have paid very low taxes.

Many small companies must pay more taxes.

And many countries have different laws for taxes.

So living conditions for people are not the same.

This is not fair.

Greens fight for fair taxes in all European countries.

All people must get the same income for the same work.

All people in Europe must have the same rights.

Taxes are important for every country


A country pays with tax money for

• help for people in need

• roads

• schools and kindergartens.

European Union countries have different tax laws

Up to now these are the facts:

Each European Union country sets the rules for tax policies for itself.

Some countries take low taxes from companies.

We call these countries: Low-tax countries.

A lot of big companies do it this way:

A company has got workshops in rich countries.

They can earn more money in these countries.

But they must also pay higher taxes there.

The management doesn’t like this at all.

So this company builds a new workshop.

The new workshop is in a low-tax country.

The management of this company goes to this country.

And now the company pays low taxes for all workshops.

So big companies save a lot of money.

The companies get richer and richer.

Small companies cannot act this way.


A bakeshop is in a rich country.

The bakeshop is a small business.

The baker earns little money.

But he must pay higher taxes.

This is not just.

So rich people get richer and richer.

And people who are not as rich do not have the same chances.

It is even bad for the rich countries.

They also need tax money from big companies.

And this is bad for democracy.

Money means power.

Rich people can do much more to achieve their goals.

Rich people can pay for support.

It is really sad: Some people accept money.

And they help rich people against the law.

Greens want to change tax policies

Tax policies should be fairer. Greens have some ideas:


Does a company sell in different European countries?

Then this company should pay taxes in all these countries, too.

Big companies shouldn’t get advantages any longer.

Rich people should pay higher taxes, poorer people should pay lower taxes.

Companies should pay a minimum tax all over Europe.

European Union countries should seek to agree on a minimum tax.

The European Union should then set the rules.

Greens want a digital tax

Digital companies produce computer services or work on the internet.

Many digital companies are very successful.

They earn a lot of money.

Digital companies pay almost no taxes.

This is not just.

Greens want a digital tax all over Europe.

The European Union should make laws for a digital tax.