We are mothers and fathers. Sisters and brothers. Lovers and hook-ups. Friends. From all over Europe. And we want to act. Together. For too long, a too long line of the same old gray status quo-defenders have taken decisions that have resulted in the problems we’re confronted with. But we can not allow this to continue. Together, we're not just demanding change – we’re making change happen. Voice by voice. Action by action. Vote by vote.

We are a European political family formed by the Green movement. We represent people who believe we urgently need to renew the promise of Europe. We are fighting to enable Europeans to counter our problems – with the solutions we urgently need. And we have momentum. Women stand up for their rights and young people organise to fight for justice and inclusion. More and more businesses are starting to move away from fossil fuels. Families are installing solar panels on their rooftops. A Green wave is happening on the squares and streets in Europe. It’s coming from the grassroots – and in May it’s moving into the European Parliament as well.

A Europe that demonstrates a way forward – where people and planet come before profit. Where women are never second to men. Where there is no other, only us. Where nobody’s rights are denied – where every voice is respected.

Europe is caught between two fires. On one side – status quo politics and status quo politicians don’t want to allow change – because they are tied to vested interests and not to the benefit of the many. Big lobbies are more important to them than the climate. And profit more than people.

On the other side demagogues and nationalists promise change – but in reality they do nothing to address the real issues. They deny fundamental challenges like climate change. They promote fear, hate and division – and they are undermining human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

If we don’t act the future will slip out of our hands. In May – the determination to act should be demonstrated in the voting booth. If we don’t vote for what we believe in, we will never see the change that we want. Status quo-defenders will continue in their old ways. Polluters will just go on destroying our common future. Demagogues and nationalists will keep undermining democracy. Fairness and equality will be further diminished. If we don't vote – fear, division, cynicism, despair and exclusion will win.

Shared prosperity in a fair economy and a union of solidarity – minimum income and free high quality education for all – stopping tax evasion.

People power and respect for each other in a diverse and feminist Europe – ensuring men and women are equal and putting an end to discrimination once and for all. Reforming our institutions to prepare for the future – by protecting freedom of speech, the free press and increasing transparency. Letting children and youth inherit a clean and safe planet – ending all fossil fuel subsidies today – and taking action for net zero emissions tomorrow. Stopping arms export to dictators all around the world.

This election is about whether we should let old establishment politicians keep running the show. Whether authoritarian demagogues gain the power to divide us all and tear Europe apart. Whether we will take effective action on climate. Whether we will invest more in protecting freedom, democracy and the rule of law. Whether we will allow our young to take the future in their own hands – or keep giving big business the VIP lane. Whether or not we will end discrimination or slide further down on the path of inequality. Whether Europe lives up to its global responsibility for justice and peace.

Even if you’ve never voted before. This time it's different. This is the moment. This is the time we effectively fight climate change. This is the time we make our economy work for the benefit of all. This is the time we choose hope, over hate.

There’s a lot we all have to do. But come May, we all must remember to do one small thing. But with huge consequences. We need to vote – and vote Green.

Let's act. Together!

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