We want to thank everyone who signed up to be a volunteer for our campaign!

Signing up for the European Greens is no longer possible, but you can check if your national Green party could use some extra hands!


There is a Green Wave in Europe. On the streets, in national elections, and soon it willl reach the European Parliament. To make that happen, the European Greens campaign focuses heavily on digital to reach, and talk with, as many Europeans as we can.

This is where you come in.

Help us reach voters directly, across an entire continent, in their own language. You'll be on the frontline, fighting trolls and setting the record straight. We need you to talk to people of hope. Join us and put out the fires of hate and misinformation. We can't let our enemies distract from the big fight, the fight for real change.

What do you have?

πŸ’š A heart for our Green values

πŸ“± You know your way around social media

🀝 You can be trusted to represent the European Greens in a public forum

⏱ You are communicative, flexible and work well under pressure

πŸ—£ You can speak English and one other EU language

πŸ•°οΈ Available for at least an hour a week

πŸ—“ Commitment up to the end of May 2019

And what can we give you?

🌊 A chance to be a part of the Green Wave surging across Europe!

πŸ—³ A unique opportunity to gain experience from the most innovative European elections campaign

πŸ‘₯ An introduction to a network of likeminded people from all over Europe

🧠 Access to a platform of experts you can learn from

✊ Online training on grassroots campaigning and digital strategy

🌻 Guidance from the European Greens team in Brussels

☺️ The personal satisfaction that you're doing your part in the fight against climate change